Hi everyone ok just so you know and aren’t like ~what’s this kid doing~ from now on when I reblog a selfie I’m just gonna check on the persons blog and if possible state their pronouns in the tags, to avoid the risk of anyone who reblogs accidentally misgendering them! Thank u


Everyone pls don’t be concerned over news that HELLO KITTY IS NOT A CAAATT I’m honestly p sure that what was meant is that kitty white isn’t like, an /actual/ cat, and rather a personified cartoon version of one, does this make sense? She’s sort of metaphorically not a cat haha, as little girls have to be able to relate to her, but physically she was absolutely based on a Japanese bob tail cat

So yes I don’t think she was ever intended as a weird little creepy girl in a costume, no need for MY LIFE IS A LIEs and MY CHILDHOOD IS RUINEDs it’s gonna be ok she’s still a cat haha I think they just explained it weird??